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The relative humidity of the air from the engine, displayed on the read-out, controls the system operation


  • Removes virtually all moisture from inside your engine

    • Keeps air inside the engine below 10% relative humidity, preventing condensation System Testing Results
    • Pumps dry air into the engine anytime the relative humidity is above 10%, and continues until the engine return air reaches 5% relative humidity
    • Dries air inside the intake, exhaust, combustion chambers and crankcase Engine Connections
    • Inhibits oxidation (rust and corrosion) on critical engine components
      • On the cam, lifters, tappets, cylinder walls, valves, valve seats, rocker arms, etc.
      • This reduces wear metals that collect in the oil
    • Prevents water from collecting in the oil, reducing acid formation  MOISTURE – The Second Most Destructive Lubricant Contaminate
    • Reducing wear metals and water in the oil improves lubrication, which further reduces wear on moving parts  Oil Analysis Results
  • Engines start easier and run smoother

    • Condensation inside the cylinders is eliminated, minimizing spark-plug miss-fires
      • Ever have a rough running engine when first started on a cool damp morning?
      • Any water inside the cylinders can short out the spark-plugs, causing this roughness
    • Improves piston ring and valve sealing due to less oxidation on cylinder walls and on valve seats
  • Closed loop air re-circulation

    • Progressively drives the relative humidity inside the engine to the lowest levels possible
    • Prevents outside humidity from re-entering the engine
    • Significantly extends the time between desiccant changes (Desiccant is reusable)
  • System monitors the relative humidity of both the engine air and the external air

    • As the external air relative humidity increases, the system dynamically adjusts, keeping the engine the driest when the outside humidity is the highest
    • System Testing Results
  • Microprocessor controlled, completely automatic and portable

    • Microprocessor controlled, utilizing a highly accurate digital relative humidity sensor
      • Humidity sensor is accurate to +/-1% between 5% – 95% relative humidity
    • 120VAC or 12VDC operation
    • Can be powered by a separate battery pack and solar panel for aircraft tied down outside
    • Automatically re-starts anytime power is connected or restored