Oil Analysis Results

Oil analysis Chart med


This oil analysis covers 1,600 hours of engine time on a Lycoming I/O-360 

  • From 849 hrs to 1,791 hrs this airplane was based in the mid-west

    • The wear trends during this period were flat to slightly increasing
  • At 1,791 hrs the airplane was moved to Houston, TX, one of the most humid locations in the US

    • The wear trends from 1,791 hrs until 2,229 hrs increased significantly
  • At 2,229 hrs. the engine was overhauled

    • From 2,229 hrs until 2,269 hrs the wear rates were high as expected, due to engine break-in
  • At 2,260 hrs the engine was connected to the engine drying system

    • Since that time, the wear rates have been significantly below all previous wear rates (The airplane is still in Houston, TX)
    • These wear rates are also significantly below the universal averages reported by Blackstone Labs for all the Lycoming I/O-360 engines they monitor