The Third Generation

Based on customer feedback a new version of the EICU Engine Dehydration System has been developed, the Gen III system.

This version is completely weatherproof, and houses everything inside the system case, including the desiccant bottle, and also 7 amp hour AGM battery.


Gen III closeup


The Gen III system completed system testing, and at Oshkosh 2015 completed field testing with no discrepancies discovered. First deliveries of this system occurred in August 2015. Since it’s introduction most new customers have opted for this system, and many current users have upgraded to this version.



The impetus behind creating the Gen III system came from the number of users taking their Gen II systems with them while travelling. After aircraft owners began using their systems, they quickly recognized the amount of moisture left in their engines after flight, and realized the potential consequences of not removing this moisture. This turned into a passion for many users wishing to keep their engines on their EICU system as much as possible.  Many users began putting their Gen II system, the desiccant bottle and hoses into a plastic box, along with a 12v battery, and placing this box under the plane while away from their home base. Some users who are tied down outside also use their systems full-time in the same manner. The Gen II system works great this way, but is bulky to carry, a bit complex to set-up, and prevents the aircraft from being towed without first disconnecting the system.


Gen III Lakeway 2


The Gen III system is very compact, about twice the size of a lunch box, has a carry handle, and also a shoulder strap that can be used to hang the system from the aircraft. It weighs just over 11 pounds, is very simple to connect to the engine, and can be left connected while the aircraft is being towed. This makes the system usable for aircraft needing to be moved around such as on a ramp, or in large open bay hangars.

Two things to be aware of: (1) You will get admiring questions from other aircraft owners when they see the system on your plane. (2) Watching the relative humidity digital readout of the air coming out of the engine gets addictive, especially after seeing the high humidity levels being pulled out after engine shut-down.


Gen III Lakeway 1


The 7 amp hour internal battery will run the system for a week or more during normal use, which can be extended indefinitely by connecting a solar panel to the charging port.

The system includes a separate smart charger that can be left connected full-time while the system is connected to the plane in a hangar. This smart charger keeps the internal battery topped off, keeping the EICU system ready to travel, and also immune to power outages at the hangar.