Quotes from Users


Jonathan B – Piper Super Cub in Oregon

“The engine drying system is working great. Hopefully it will get me some more life out of my O-360 which only has 250ish hours on it now.”

“The visual proof the system is drawing out the moisture, is on the oil filler line, after flight you can see the water droplets forming on the inside of the hose as it condenses there as soon as the system is hooked up. After the 15-20 minutes of airplane wipe down of bugs, etc. the moisture percentage has really dropped.”


Richard D – Bonanza F33A in Michigan

“Having watched my unit do its work after a flight I am quite confident that the moisture is being pulled out of the engine. I can say the same thing about watching it work during periods of inactivity. My EICU is always on guard duty.”

“All of my wear metals are way below the Universal averages. I am very pleased.”

“I am glad that I have the EICU hooked up and operational. We are getting more rain again today…..an all day event…..again! I am just glad this isn’t snow. I may go out and see what the box is doing just for grins. Too wet to plow.”


Tom S – Piper Turbo Lance in Houston

“I love how my plane now starts so much quicker and runs smoother right after startup due to the cylinders being dry.”


Larry M – Commander 114 in Houston

“After 30 hours on the oil, it still looks fresh, better than it used to look at 10 hours.”


Doc C – Decathalon in Houston

“Whenever I get to the hangar the first thing I do is check on the relative humidity reading from the engine. It’s so great knowing the inside of the engine is being kept dry during these long rainy spells when I can’t fly.”


Steve H – Cessna 185 (Shortly after Tropical Storm Bill went through Houston)

“I’m amazed at how fast it pulls the moisture out of the engine after flying.”

“After the first couple weeks of use, I came back from an out of town trip and stopped by the hangar to check on the plane. With all the rain and humidity the system was only running about once each 20 minutes to keep the engine humidity below 10%.”


Greg W – Cessna 182 in Virginia

 “I love that my engine thinks it’s living in AZ!!!! Relative humidity stays under 10% all the time. My oil analysis says that I’m doing good.”


Don G – Cessna Cardinal near Dallas

 “Now that I have used it so much, I almost feel like a terrible father if I don’t hook it up as soon as I can lol. Or take it with me everywhere I go.”